Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DB7651 26: 26-Inch Gasoline Powered Snow Blower

The Power Smart DB7651 chain of gasoline-powered snow blowers offers a lot of models to contemplate. But the likenesses between them much outweigh the differences. That Is lucky. It means it is not a horror to keep them direct and choose the one best for you personally.

It's not surprising that the important difference involving the various Power Smart DB7651 models is the size. They range from the 24-inch wide DB7651-24 through the DB7651 26 to the DB7651-28. It ain't hard to estimate the width of the latter two models.

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However, there are other, less fundamental but nevertheless important differences between them. Not least is a parallel group of DB7651A models to investigate. Thus, let's dig to the details and find out what these guys have to offer...

DB7651-24: 24-Inch Clearing Width

The DB7651-24 is the lowest of the snow blowers in this line. However, the skill to clear a course 24 inches wide and up to 21 inches deep places this version squarely to the mid-range.

That depth amount could be a little misleading however, so let's look at it briefly a little closer. The scoop size is one thing. However, the auger - 12 inches in diameter - is what really has the largest influence on how much snow is chewed in a single pass.

True, that snow needs to have somewhere to go and it helps to have a high intake height. No impeller and chute combo can shove snow infinitely quickly. Nevertheless, don't be misled that you'll eat through an almost two-foot high berm as readily as you'd something half that height.

That said, the 208cc LCT 4-cycle engine with this version provides considerable power to drive that auger and impeller without making you do all the work. Combined with four forward and two reverse rates you should have no issue with anything short of ice-encrusted mounds. Even those should not be too huge a price because the auger is really all steel.